Portgas D. Ace

Ace is my favourite character in the whole show so i made this page about him. he's really cool i promise.

Ace first appears at the end of Drum Island Arc, but doesn't interact with the strawhat crew until they arrive in Alabasta. He is Luffy's sworn older brother who left home to become a pirate 3 years prior, and has been looking for him while hunting down Blackbeard.

After saving Luffy and his crew from Captain Smoker, he decides to travel with them across the desert in Alabasta. It's revealed that he's in Alabasta in search of a bounty hunter who claims to have previously defteaed Blackbeard in battle, as he's looking for intel on where he may be and how to fight him.

Ace ate the flame flame devil fruit which gives him the ability to produce fire from any part of his body. He predominantly uses his hands, hence earning him the nickname "Firefist Ace".

Ace has narcolepsy, a condition that makes him randomly fall asleep. He's often shown to do this whilst eating or talking, leading to unaware characters believing he's just dropped dead.