Strawhat Pirates

This is a place for me to rant about my thoughts on the characters in the crew. I love them all very very much. (expect updates to this page as I watch more of the show and get to see the characters develop more)


I really do think that Luffy may be one of the greatest fictional characters of all time. He is so incredibly selfish and always kicks up a fuss to get what he wants no matter how much collateral damage it causes, but, it just so happens that what he wants is freedom and happiness and to help his friends. And so him being so selfish often appears as acts of extreme selflessness to others, because he's always giving everything he does 100%, he's always putting his life on the line for the things he believes in.


Zoro's unwavering devotion to his captain is something that I will always be in awe of. It's incredible to watch him stand by Luffy through everything, even when it may go against his own gut instincts (such as the scene in Jaya arc where Bellamy was beating them up in the bar and Luffy told Zoro not to fight back). His devotion to his dream is of a similar strength, but its so moving to watch as it gradually shifts from "wanting to be the world's greatest swordsman" to "wanting to be the world's greatest swordsman WHILST Luffy is the king of the pirates"


Something I really love about Nami is the way that she subverts the damsel in distress trope. Because yes Arlong Park is about Luffy and the others saving her from Arlong, but its not actually about that at all. Instead its about her learning to depend on others and place her full trust in her crew. Its about her learning to overcome her gut instinct to run away and pull back before she gets too involved, and showing her that forming meaningful connections with others isn't always going to end in her getting hurt.


Usopp is such an interesting character to me because the way he's treated by the narrative is something that's extremely rare to see in works of fiction, especially in shonen anime. He is praised for being dishonest, Luffy stating several times that his role in the crew is 'liar' as opposed to 'sniper'. His lies even go so far as to be treated as noble at times, especially during Syrup Village arc, because its established very early on that deception is his expression of bravery.